Nationwide Loans API's

Our Loans APIs are made to provide users with automated soft quotes of our loan products. Developers can view information here to help them understand, interact, adopt and monitor the Nationwide Loan API.

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We have designed our customer journey to be as easy as possible. If the customer clicks onto Nationwide the application page it will be pre-populated, improving click to completion conversions.

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Automated soft quotes

Our API enables us to soft quote Nationwide members to provide them with real rates with up to 95% likelihood of acceptance.

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Personalised real APR rate

Our API links to aggregator data to then run a soft quote for Nationwide members and return a price personal to them. The API takes credit and affordability information to provide a personalised real APR rate rather than a representative APR rate.

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Automated billing

We use WaveMaker and a token-based automated billing and remuneration process for affiliates.

Loans Comparison on Mobile Devices


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High market share

We have a strong brand and 10% of the overall Personal Loans market.

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Competitive pricing

We have very competitive real rates.

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No hidden fees

We won’t charge users for setting up a loan or if they want to settle early.

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Great service

The best customer satisfaction amongst our major high street competitors.

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A quick decision

We usually give an instant online decision.

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Risk free quotes

A personalised quote that won’t affect users credit rating.

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Acceptance indicator

Users will know if they're likely to be accepted before they are credit scored.

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Member exclusive product

Our members make up 1/4 of the population and the loans are exclusive to them.

How to become a trusted partner?

Trusted partners can get access to our Credit Risk APIs to provide users with automated soft quotes of our loan products. New vendors will need to follow our simple onboarding process, where we carry out the standard industry checks and set up contractual agreements and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

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