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Variable Recurring Payments (VRP) & Sweeping

VRP sweeping service is now available for testing in the sandbox environment within the Nationwide Developer Portal. To sign up for access to the Portal, click here

Get Party

We have removed Get Party URL from the Developer Portal and the Sandbox.

Addition of Loans and Mortgages APIs

We have added Loans API and Mortgages API documentation on our Portal for trusted partners.

Open Banking Standard version 3.1.10

We have moved to the OBIE Specification Version 3.1.10, which is the final release under the CMA’s revised roadmap.

This version includes updates on:

  • 90-day reauthentication, which means that the customers do not need to reauthenticate details with their ASPSPs every 90 days. For more details, please see here - (link to the attached document to be added)

  • Transaction Risk Indicators, which can help ASPSPs understand the purpose of the payment.

  • The adoption of more customer-friendly terminology to improve customer awareness and understanding of open banking technology.

  • Known issues, driven by errata identified in version 3.1.9.

Breaking: Changes to Sandbox Environment Domains

The domains for our Open Banking Sandbox environment have changed. Further information can be found in our FAQs.

Coming Soon

Review of 3.1.11 Specification

We are reviewing the latest specifications to understand the enhancements required to the APIs.

Review of Personas

We will be carrying out a review of our Personas so that they provide better information to TPPs.

The Future

Addition of Non-OB APIs

We are looking to add Credit Card API documentation on our Portal for trusted partners.